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Add:Lanzhou city OuYanNa road 2011
New multi-functional research and development of bio-organic fertilizer
added at 2012-10-16
Successfully resolved by the implementation of the project, China's bio-organic fertilizer production functions strains screened and stable microflora build problems, establish and improve the diversity of flora microorganisms molecular ecology techniques; utilize stationary fermentation and fungal liquid fermentation sporulation technology to solve low cost strain Production, developed a long trough of bio-organic fertilizer production bioreactor, developed of sewage sludge efficient biological detoxification equipment and processes to solve the problem of agricultural waste resource utilization . Developed microbial agents, and 20 kinds of vegetables, fruits dedicated bio-organic fertilizer products, to four mature processes and technologies; design and manufacture of two related facilities and equipment; create a test base of 14, with 17 production enterprises cooperation; complete sets of production technology and bio-organic fertilizer products and technological achievements appraisal. Cooperation with enterprises, registered four trademarks of organic fertilizer, developed more than 20 kinds of special fertilizer products, the cumulative production of 180 tons of agents and 92,400 tons of organic fertilizer, the highest total revenue of 56,584,300 yuan, the economic benefits totaling 3533. 66 million, the application area of ​​34 mu. Obtaining and reporting invention patent 5; 39 papers, including SCI articles 5; postgraduate training of 28 PhD 9. The formation of the following key technologies: 1. The successful resolution of the core issues in the vegetable soil-borne diseases biocontrol - excellent and efficient strains obtained new multi-functional anti-vegetable soil-borne diseases bio-organic fertilizer products and production technology, scientific compatibility through specific micro-organisms and organic matter produced The product has multiple effects of resistance to soil-borne diseases, increase production, improve soil environment, improve the quality of crops. Product disease prevention and treatment effect is more than 60%, an increase of more than 30%. Performance is significantly better than similar products on the market today. 2. Fruits and vegetables dedicated bio-organic fertilizer production technology learn the the Japanese organic fertilizer production technology for the transformation of key equipment turned Blender, the localization of the production technology in Shanghai. The production of organic fertilizer products AA certification of National Green Food Development Center, Apple developed a dedicated organic fertilizer Class A green certificates. During the implementation of the project, and the cumulative production of 7,000 tons of organic fertilizer. The fertilizer effectively improve the soil biotic and abiotic environment, improve facilities soil temperature, greatly improved the root system is composed of a number of new roots increase, promote shoot growth and firm, and significantly improve the flavor quality and reduce the occurrence of disease. 3. New efficient livestock manure bio deodorant and its production technology by a large number of efficient fermentation, detoxification, deodorant, preservation of nutrients Strains efficient production of livestock and poultry manure bio deodorant has a low-cost, long shelf life, good deodorizing effect, test products used in livestock and poultry manure processing, test results showed that the biological deodorant with good biological deodorizing effect, generally within seven days, some even in about four days. 4. The lignocellulose (organics) rapid decomposition agents and their production technology to optimize the combination of function and metabolism of a variety of microorganisms complementary to the the lignin rapid decomposition of composite microbial system was constructed, 8 to 10 days in culture conditions, rice, wheat straw decomposition melting. The composite system is adsorbed on a special carrier
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Add:Lanzhou city OuYanNa road 2011
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