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Lanzhou huibang biological chemical technology Co., LTD located beside the Yellow River in Lanzhou,China,The company develops, manufactur-es and markets pharmaceutical i..
New multi-functional research and development of ..
Successfully resolved by the implementation of the project, Chinas bio-organic fertilizer production functions strains sc..
New multi-functional research and dev.. 2012-10-16
Nano-coating biodegradable organics 2012-10-16
Letters experiment 2 2012-12-05
Fume hood 2012-12-05
Experiment 2012-12-05
New products begin to accept .. 2021-03-29
The gas phase map of isopropa.. 2017-10-28
New product launch 2017-10-28
New product launch 2017-10-28
Isopropyl alcohol pinacol est.. 2015-06-28
Quality - QA 2012-10-16
R & D - Laboratory Technician 2012-10-16
Sales Representative 2012-10-16
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AddLanzhou city OuYanNa road 2011
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