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AddLanzhou city OuYanNa road 2011
Nano-coating biodegradable organics
added at 2012-10-16
A lot of indoor pollution from decoration materials, such as sheet metal release formaldehyde, toluene, the stone release of radon and does not meet the national standard latex paint VOC emission High. These pollution can be reduced by choosing environmentally friendly building materials. Star crown nano-coating can absorb and degradation of organic compounds in the air, such as formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and other toxic and harmful substances, and reduce the decoration of substrate release of substances on the human body injury.

This is because the paint particle surface interface atoms coordinatively unsaturated such that the surfactant increasingly high, the photocatalytic process in the light, having a strong ACT organic synthesis or degradation, and can generate a large number of electronic and empty OH-reaction of the organic molecules in the hole, hole high oxidizing OH radicals, these very reactive free radicals can biodegradable organic matter is oxidized without being poisoned by carbon dioxide and water, and other inorganic materials. So, formaldehyde, benzene, TDI decoration of organic compounds can be effective degradation.
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AddLanzhou city OuYanNa road 2011
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