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Class:Halogenated hydrocarbon series

【Alias】iodobenzene; iodide benzene

【Formula (Formula)】 C6H5I
【Molecular Weight (Molecular Weight)] 204.01
CAS No. 591-50-4
Quality Index (Specification)
【Appearance (the Appearance) light yellow liquid
【Content (Purity) ≥ 98.5% pharmaceutical grade LCD level ≥ 99.5%
Physical and chemical properties (Physical Properties】
Density 1.82
【Melting point】 -30 ℃
【Boiling Point188 ° C
Refractive index1.618-1.62
【Flash point74 ° C
Solubility soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform, insoluble in water.
A colorless, heavy liquid. When exposed to light, air, placed easy to turn yellow, the special smell.
Low toxicity, the median lethal dose (rats, oral) 1799mg/kg. Irritation.
Iodobenzene storage]
Seal a cool, dry stored.
Iodobenzene purposes
Measuring the refractive index standard solution. Organic synthesis. Industry for liquid crystal materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates.

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