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Trimethyl borate
Class:Boric acid series
  Trimethyl borate

【Chinese name trimethyl borate
English name trimethylborate
【Molecular formula (CH3O) 3B
Relative molecular weight or atomic weight 103.92
Density 0.915
【Boiling Point (° C)67 to 68.
Flash point (° C)】 -7.5
Toxicity LD50】 (mg / kg) mice by mouth 1290
【Character water-white liquid.
Issolved miscible with diethyl ether, methanol, hexane, tetrahydrofuran, etc., the presence of water, water decomposition.
【Uses】 can be used as a solvent, dehydrating agent, plastic, paint, painting, fire retardant, lemon fruit fumigant.
Preparation or sources obtained by the role of the boron and methanol.
【Other】 is the freezing point of -29 ° C.
【CAS No】
Hazardous characteristics flammableFlash point -8 ℃. With water or water vapor reaction to the release of toxic and flammable gases (methanol). Case of fire, heat or contact with oxidants can cause a fire or explosion

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